shaping the new financial architecture…

Give me chastity Lord… oh just not yet…

Posted in Deleveraging, TBTF by Kitty on December 8, 2009

More from Gary Jenkins, head of fixed income research at Evolution Securities, at the Financial Times in this video

Mr. Moore precisely explains the kabuki play that we see being enacted between the central banks, the large global banks, the national governments and the people…

The Federal Reserve and other central banks have been working mightily to save the large, global money center banks… we call them the “too big to fail” banks… and Mr. Jenkins tell us how…

I disagree with him about the need to maintain these large banks… I think much of the fragility of our global financial system comes from the concentration of these large institutions… as Senator Sanders suggests it may well be time to  “break up the banks“…

And Mr. Jenkins on  sovereign debt risks… Financial Times video

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